Worlds record - The biggest jam in the world - 108 kg | Blanka Milfait | domácí marmeláda, Slunečná kavárna

Worlds record - The biggest jam in the world - 108 kg

Zveřejněno 2.12.2014

Fifty kilos of organic lemons, imported through the Volvo three days before the record from Italy, twenty litres of champagne brand Didier Dépit Champagne. And, of course, a giant custom-made glass weighing empty 42 kg. Two days of work, the right tension, dream-like atmosphere… and only one injury - an incision in the thumb. More than seventy helpers from all over the country have arrived. All of us were dressed by Alex Fox in lemon T-shirts and we sliced with super jack knives Zwilling on bamboo boards from Potten & Pannen Staněk.

On Saturday, after two o‘clock… we made it together! The biggest jam in the world holds 675 glasses, into which the gold standard of Worlds Marmalade Awards is produced, and there will be three specimens.

The sales price, including custom-hand blown glass with an industrial lid, is only CZK 195 500 (€ 7 500 / £ 6 300)

This world unique object, both in size and price, will be exposed in the coming months in the Blanka´s café Slunecna in Sumava Mountains National Park.

During the Universal Exposition EXPO 2015 in Milano (Italy) it will be exhibited in the Czech national Pavilion, where Blanka will have several Marmalade cooking shows.


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